Outdoor activities for all employees
Time:2015-12-08 14:07:12

Outdoor activities in 2015

       On November 28-29, 2015, Guangzhou Jiajie Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. held a two-day outdoor development training. Partners were divided into 6 groups

       The challenge is over, but the shock that remains in our hearts is eternal. Review the challenge that bears in training and hone, feel quite deep. This training, he made every one of us

       I have learned that only when I believe in my team, including, understanding, trust, self-discipline and empathy, can I overcome myself. This is not only a simple training, but also a perfect team spirit

       Reflect, we are working hard for a common goal, working hard...

Group photo of all the staff "Inspire potential Smelting Team"

Gratitude article

Concerted Effort to Divert Water from South to North

Heroic and gallant "Military Posture"

The graduation wall

Post the book

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